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Publication of the 1st edition!

Beim grassroots climate plan geht es voran und wir nähern uns der Veröffentlichung der 1. Auflage!

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass der Wunsch nach inhaltlicher Stärkung der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung so viel Anklang findet. Denn dass ist die Mission des grassroots climate plan. Der grassroots climate plan schreibt sich aber nicht von selbst! Damit er ein Plan der Bewegung wird, braucht es euch, die Bewegung! Als Inputgebende, als Mitschreibende, als Unterstützende, um den Plan bekannt zu machen und dann natürlich: für die Durchsetzung.

Angedacht sind mehrere Auflagen, wovon die erste Auflage Baustellen-Charakter haben wird, da einfach wichtige Maßnahmen noch fehlen dürften und einige Maßnahmen unfertig bzw. diskussionswürdig sind.  Die inhaltliche Deadline für die 1. Auflage für neue Maßnahmen bzw. Überarbeitung existierender Maßnahmen ist der 2. Februar 2020. Falls ihr also „eure“ Maßnahme beisteuern bzw. überarbeiten möchtet, tut dies möglichst bald. Per Email  an klimaplan@gerechte1komma5.de oder direkt auf der Schreibplattform (Anmeldung erforderlich).

Die Schreibplattform wird auch nach der Veröffentlichung der 1. Auflage als Grundlage für den kollaborativen Schreibprozess weiterhin bestehen bleiben und ein Ort für Diskussionen und Feedback sein. Dazu laden wir ausdrücklich ein, um weitere, bessere Auflagen zu veröffentlichen. Neue Maßnahmen sind also auch nach dem 3.3.2020 sehr willkommen, ebenso wie Kommentare und Diskussionen, diese finden dann bei weiteren Auflagen Berücksichtigung.

Schaut alle gerne schon einmal auf der Schreibplattform vorbei, um einen Eindruck vom bisherigen Inhalt zu
bekommen und lasst gerne eure Kommentare da, vor allem wenn ihr Kritik


The last few months have not only hown that the German Federal Government is not able to formulate and implement the necessary measures to fight against climate change. They have also shown that millions of people are making themselves heard and that together we are ready to take our future into our own hands. This will be a long and complicated road with many discussions and contradictions that must be endured and bridged. One of the many stages on this path is to formulate concrete next steps. We need measures that massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and finally take social and global justice into account. But what do these measures look like? Which ones are already there? Which ones must we adapt so that they reflect our values? At the Write-Ins, we want to have this iscussion with you. During the event, you will collect, discuss and develop socially just measures together. Measures that are necessary to stay below 1.5 degrees global warming. Be part of it and change the world with us whilst writing!

In many different cities there have already been write-ins, the results of which are directly incorporated into thegrassroots climate plan.

Organize a Write-In for the grassroots climate plan yourselfEverything is already prepared. We have prepared a package with a schedule, moderation help, announcements and promotional material that will save you a lot of work. All you need to do, is find a place and invite committed and interested people. More information can be found under participate or Write us if you're interested.

Write-In dates

What's a Write-In? More information can be found under participate.

Note this date:

27 to 29 March the big writing session!

past events ...

Das zivile Klimakabniett auf dem we4future-Camp

More Write-Ins!

In December 2019 we had some events. Among them three more Write-Ins. In Bonn the KlimaKollektiv eingeladen. Auch im Rio Raum in Weiden in the Upper Palatinate, people have met to write together on measures and collect further ideas for more climatejustice in the world.

Monday, 16.12.19, Goettingen, at 6 pm Climate initiative egening in the Old Mensa (Wilhelmsplatz 3): Presentation evening of various climate initiatives in and around Goettingen (Events from PILZ Uni-Goettingen)
Wednesday, 18.12.19, Leipzig, at 7 pm Climate counters in the shop at Eisenbahnstraße 127: Meeting of different actors of the climate justice movement with joint review and reflection of the year 2019

Advent calendar for 2019

During the advent season in December 2019, we sent you 23 exciting measures, initiatives, reading and video tips every day on the topic of climate justice and the writing process of grassroots climate plan. If you want to read one of the doors again or browse through what we have put together you can do so here: Advent calendar 2019

Das zivile Klimakabniett auf dem we4future-Camp

Decentralized Write-Ins in already nine cities!

In November 2019 there have already been Write-Ins in Berlin and Marburg, as well as in the context of the Public Climate School during the Climate Strike Week in various universities: in Leipzig, Hanover, Magdeburg, in Dresden, Bochum, Cologne and Jena! Some ideas were written down how many greenhouse gases can be saved as fast as possible without continuing the existing social and global injustice. They were very inspiring and successful Write-Ins. Thanks to all who were there!


Strategy conference for social movements

From 18th to 20th October we met together with other actors of social movements in Berlin to discuss our strategy and how we can work together. In small groups we presented and discussed the idea and strategy of the grassroots climate plan . Among others, the following initiatives were on site: SEEBRÜCKE, Peng!, Afrique-Europe-Interact, Kurdish Women's Office for Peace CENÎ, Deutsche Wohnen & Coentgene and many more.


Extinction-Rebellion Camp

From 05th to 13th October the climate camp of Extinction Rebellion was in Berlin directly opposite the Bundestag. Also we were there with the grassroots climate plan!


Revolutionale in Leipzig

On 8th October there was a congress as part of the "Revolutionale - Festival für Veränderung" at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. We from grassroots climateplan talked together with others about what actually happens with the climateplan and how it can be used once it has been written. There were exciting discussions and some possibilities to network.



At the Wandel-Campus in Mannheim there was not only a planning meeting of the campaign where some new people could get into the organisation process, but also another Write-In. We researched the respective areas of the grassroots climate plan and compiled measures. grassroots climate plan haben wir recherchiert und Maßnahmen zusammengetragen.

Auf dem we4future-Camp


On the We4Future-Camp in September directly opposite the Bundestag our first Write-In took place. During the week there were workshops, lectures and discussions on existing measures for the climate crisis. Here we were able to collect initial suggestions and put them on paper at the Write-In.