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energy democracy

fair dwelling and area planning

fair mobility

fair agriculture, alimentation sovereignty and forest use

fair reproduction, production and consumption

global justice and intersectionality

Das erste Write-In auf der we4future-Camp in Berlin
The first Write-In at the we4future-Camp in Berlin.

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At the meetings we discuss everything about the organisation of the campaign and the writing process of the grassroots climate plan. For example, the strategy of the campaign, public relations, but also the question of how we want to organize ourselves.

The next meeting is from 7. – 9. Februar in Greene im Leinekollektiv statt. Melde sag uns für eine bessere Planung kurz Bescheid, dass du kommen möchtest (Mail an

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Planungstreffen auf dem Klimacamp im Leipziger Land 2019
Planungstreffen auf dem Klimacamp im Leipziger Land 2019