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... in writing and compiling the contents

In view of the failed climate cabinet of the German government, we must now take the collection of global and socially just measures into our own hands. In order to make this process as participatory and grassroots democratic as possible and to involve many people in it, there are the online writing platform and there should be decentralized write-ins take place everywhere. The aim is to jointly collect, elaborate and discuss socially and globally just measures that already exist in the collective knowledge of the movement and society and are capable of saving large amounts of greenhouse gases. And this is where you come in:

Or: Come to a Write-In! You will find the next dates here.


So that people from your town and region can participate...

... we invite you to have such a Write-In at your place. For this we have a package with the procedure, moderation help, announcement and advertising material, which tages a lot of work off your shoulders. Are you joining us and want to change the world by with us writing? Have a look at the package and feel free to contact us!

How does a Write-In work?

A Write-In begins with freewriting. This means that everyone first lets their thoughts wander and writes them down for themselves, regardless of what they contain. Afterwards it continues with a writing discussion. Here ideas are now applied to a large paper surface. Everyone has the opportunity to use arrows to spin ideas, express concerns and exchange ideas with everyone else on the paper. After all the participants have dealt with and exchanged ideas about various measurements, these can be entered into the grassroots climate plan digitally incorporated. Here, the same procedure is always followed, so that all write-ins finally result in a clear action plan. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the topics that are most important to them. In addition to writing further measurements, a Write-In can also correct or supplement existing texts or provide feedback on them.

... in the organization and the campaign

Wenn du in die Organisation der Kampagne einsteigen möchtest, komm doch zu unserem nächsten Planungstreffen vom 3. bis zum 5. April, welches per Videokonferenz stattfinden wird. Dabei ist es uns ein Anliegen, so wenig wie möglich Hürden für die Teilnahme aufzubauen. Wir erstatten Reisekosten und bemühen uns um einen kreativen und solidarischen Umgang mit vielfältigen Bedürfnissen. Das umfasst Rückzugsmöglichkeiten und Schlafplätze, physische Barrieren (der leider meistens nicht barrierefreien Räume), sprachliche Barrieren, Kinderbetreuung, etc.. Schreib uns einfach eine > mail. Even if you can't make it to a meeting, you can help with the planning. We organize ourselves in working groups on different topics (>Writing process of the climate planwebsite and SocialMedia, event planning, planning and preparation of meetings, etc.). All small groups work together via internet and telephone. So you can also get in contact with us and get involved. Just write us a >mail!

We are also looking for active support in the preparation of individual events! You can help us to represent the grassroots climate plan at congresses, trade fairs or camps. Or to organize a Write-In at a place suggested by you! Often there are logistical challenges when planning such events and a lot of networking and communication is necessary, e.g. to invite interested people or organize speakers for workshops. So if you enjoy organizing events: Get in touch with us 🙂

… and start working right now?

We are still looking for fellow campaigners (e.g. you!). Maybe you can think of other people or groups who might be interested in organizing "just1point5“ Then feel free to invite them!

For example with our flyer.

You have questions or suggestions? - Contact us!