Stages of the writing process

The first gerechte1komma5-campaign-meeting was in April 2019. After a couple of meetings the idea was refined: In order to respond to the climate crisis in a socially and globally just way, we need a grassroots climate plan!

In July 2019, we have concentrated primarily on finding people who want to contribute content to the grassroots climate plan.

We were present at the following events:

  • 26.09. We4Future Camp Berlin - Write-In
  • 08.10. 80 years of peaceful revolution Leipzig
  • 05.10. Wandelcampus Mannheim - Write-In
  • 05.-13.10 XR Strategy Conference Berlin
  • 18-20-10 Strategy Conference Berlin
    (More information: events)

Eventhough the writing process of the grassroots climate plan has already begun and we are entering further stages, we will continue to look for more co-writers!

People can enter the writing process at any time and propose measures. In order to reach as many people as possible, we want to organise further (topically based) Write-Ins, give and host lectures and informational events. You can as well organize a Write-In for grassroots climate plan plan by yourself! (More about this: participate.

Diese Phase hat im September 2019 mit dem ersten Write-In in Berlin begonnen. Mittlerweile haben sich für jeden Bereich des grassroots climate plan (Übersicht findest du hereThis phase began in September 2019 with the first Write-In in Berlin. Meanwhile, we found a moderation for each of the plans categories (you can find an overview here), who is responsible for coordinating the writing process in the certain category. And the most important thing: People started to propose and write measures!

The aim of this phase is to complete a relevant number of measures (for the time being), which will be translated into English and receive feedback and a fact check in the following stages, starting around mid-November.

Important: Since not every measure will be finished by that time, the goal is to collect a critical mass of measures from all categories. But more measures can be added afterwards. The collection of measures on how we can react to the climate crisis will continue to grow!

Estimated period mid-November to mid-December.

The measures written so far will be read by experts in order to give their feedback. The moderation of the certain category will send their results to people with scientific expertise (e.g. Scientists for Future) and with the perspective of exceedingly affected countries. (e.g. from the global South, via contacts to Climate Justice and globalisation-critical networks).

The Feedback received in this stage can be incorporated directly into the measures by the writers or it will remain a comment next to the measure. These comments will be included in the first edition of the grassroots climate plan as well. We do not see contradictions and criticism as a deficit, but rather as a gain in knowledge and an enrichment of the debate. There is no objectivly best way, which is why we want to move on, standing together and constantly asking questions. Therefore it is important to us to make well-founded comments and criticism visible and to include them in the first edition of the grassroots climate plan.

The feedback and fact check for the first measures will be finished in mid-December - now the first internal, content-based version (1st draft) is ready, which still lacks a layout revision before it can be published. The fine-tuning begins!


Estimated period mid-December to end of January.

In this step, the measures - finished in terms of content, including feedback – will become prepared for publication ("fine-tuned"). The fine-tuners will proofread, ensure linguistic consistency and translate difficult and scientific text into easier language. Their task does not include working on or changing the content of the measures - this is left to the input providers. If, however, the fine-tuners encounter obvious contradictions in content (e.g. two measures are mutually exclusive), then it is their task to mark the contradiction and make it visible, instead of eliminating it by themselves.

End of January 2019: If the texts are proofread and reformulated into (easily) understandable language, they still need to be brought into a nice and clear form. By then, a new website will be created on which the grassroots climate plan first edition can be published.

09.03.2020* Die 1. Auflage des grassroots climate plan is published

The first edition of the grassroots climate plan beinhaltet die bis dahin ausformulierten Maßnahmen. Der Schreibprozess ist damit jedoch nicht abgeschlossen: er geht weiter. Es können weiterhin Maßnahmen gesammelt und ergänzt werden und natürlich weiterhin weitere Menschen zu den Mitschreibenden dazu stoßen. Auch die später hinzugekommenen Maßnahmen erhalten ein Feedback und Fact-Check, sowie den Feinschliff.

Everybody can look up and read the collection of published measures online and more importantly everybody can comment on them. These comments will be organized by the moderators and forwarded to the respective author, so that they can incorporate constructive criticism and modify the measure. If the comment is a general concern regarding the measure, it will be published next to it.

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