Our vision:

The grassroots climate plan should...

... convey knowledge and break with the arrative of hopelessness in order to fill demands with content.

It is time to show, that there already is enough knowledge to face the climate crisis in a just and effective way. With the grassroots climate plan this knowledge shall be made accessible, possibly to all people, in order to gain answers and to convince that already good answers and reasonable solutions do exist. This should build a common base content for demands and actions of the climate justice movement. Thereby the focus is shifted from “we-are-against” to “we-want-this”. At the same time the necessity of the protest against structures and power balances is highlighted. Furthermore, we want to obtain a collective identity not only from scenic culture, but from a common vision to overcome the homogeneous group that is the climate justice movement.

... encourage self-organization and be borne by as many people as possible.

The grassroots democratic development of the climate plan is self-empowering and enables us to learn how to organize us with other people and how to spread the knowledge we’ve learned. Through experiencing self-efficacy, trying to understand positive change and contributing just solutions, we are not only empowered to have new ideas but also to implement them and to spring into action. Just change has to consider the perspectives of as many people as possible and can only be implemented with the support of all. Finding solutions should no longer be reserved for a small amount of people, who then carry all the responsibilities, but rather everybody should be able to do so to spread the responsibilities broadly.  
Gerechte Veränderung muss die Perspektive möglichst vieler Menschen mit einbeziehen und kann auch nur mit aktiver Unterstützung dieser umgesetzt werden. Das Finden von Lösungen soll nicht mehr nur Wenigen vorbehalten bleiben, die dann auch die gesamte Verantwortung tragen, sondern allen möglich sein und so auch die Verantwortung breiter verteilen.

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