Join the campaign...

Yeah, Sure!

… and help organize?

If you want to participate in the organisational process of the campaign, you are very welcome to join our next strategy meeting from  1st – 3rd November near Göttingen. There you would meet other people from the organisation and you’d quickly be able to find a working field, that suites you (registration via email). But of course, you can join the organisation, even if you can not come to one of the meetings personally. The team is organised in working groups of different topics (e.g. >writing process, website and social media, event-planing, preparation and organisation for the strategy meetings, etc.) Every working group communicates via internet and telephone conferences. So you can easily get in contact with us in different ways and participate in the organizational process. Just write us an >e-mail!

We’re especcially looking for support with organising individual events! You can help us to represent the grassroots climate plan at congresses, fairs or camps. Or organize a Write-In at a place suggested by you! Often there are logistical challenges in planning such events and a lot of networking and communication is necessary, e.g. to invite interested people or to organize speakers for workshops. So if you enjoy organizing events: Contact us 🙂

… and be part of writing the grassroots climate plan?

Then just take a look at the page grassroots climate plan! e are still looking for groups or individuals who have been working on measures to reduce CO2-emissions already and who want to take part in the writing process. Presumably, the process will start in october. Once the first version will be ready, everybody will be able to comment on the proposed measures. We are as well looking for people who would like to moderate the writing process.

… and start working right now?

At the moment we are especcially working on reaching out to new people who are willing to work with us (e.g. you!). If you can think of an organisation or somebody who could be interested in joining the process of the grassroots climate plan, go ahead and invite them!

For example with the help of our Flyer.

Any questions or comments? – contact us!