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Because the government fails to take adequate action to face the climate crisis, the civil society has to act.

Together we will work on a climate plan containing realistic measures that are necessary to keep global warming below 1,5° C.

We see these measures as a chance for more social and global justice because the perspectives of many people can be incorporated in the process of writing, also yours. Our goal is to ensure that people who are exceedingly affected, as well as experts from social movements and sciences, participate in the writing process.

Together and in form of a demonstration we hand the grassroots climate plan to the government and demand the immediate implementation. If the government won’t realise the measures, we will stay in front of the Reichstag. We insist on our right to a future: We will stay, even if we are requested to leave. We’ll use the space we took for grassroots democratic self organization and if need be we are willing to realise the required measures ourselves!

You can find more information about the writing process under grassroots climate plan.

"Many social and technological innovations already exist which can maintain quality of life and improve human well-being without destroying our natural resources"

The starting point!

During the climate action week we proclaimed the civil climate cabinet at the We4Future-Camp directly in front of the Kanzleramt and gathered a lot of knowledge during lectures and workshops to put it on paper at the first Write-In. That was the starting signal for the writing process of the grassroots climate plan. All those who have recognised that it is time to act are cordially invited to participate. Further information on the climate plan from below can be found here or here: Contact. (Foto: Cornelius Reitmayr)


Until now our campaigning team consists of a group of approximately twenty activists from different parts of the climate justice movement. We are activists from Hambacher Wald, Ende Gelände, from different local Fridays for Future groups as well as members from the alter globalization movement and the Living Utopia Network. We found each other via networking and we all work non-paid for the project. Here you find some impressions of who we are and work: photos

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When? 01.-03.11.2019
Where? near Göttingen

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